Heya and Welcome to my carrd page!I'm Kori, a little independent artist from Argentina who adores drawing fictional creatures like furries, dragons and ferals monstersBy buying my art and supporting my job, you will also be contributing to the growth and development of an independent artist, helping me pursue my passion and bringing more creativity and joy to the world!Please feel free to browse this page and check out my art,
my Twitch streams and my commission status 🌱


Not really an update, but there are some words that I've had in mind for some time and still have.The truth is that I'm very tired of being so inconspicuous, so overwhelmed by everything around me, trying to have a small sense of security and control plus I feel that I've stopped being relevant a long time ago.It is my desire to change, to pursue my dreams, to change and improve in all areas.I want this year to be an excuse for all this to start happen and I know it won't be the last time I'm under the ground.I want to be the one who, with everything I learned and all the new things I've embraced, gives a glimpse of a dream beyond all the bad things that can happen to anyone, I want to find a way to rebuild my confidence, I want to reinvent myself to finally achieve my ambitions; to be proud of everything I love, what I enjoy, what I'm passionate about and what will protect me when I need it.I will do my best to heal and reopen me with you, who have given me so much in the worst moments, whether you don't know me at all, whether we've barely spoken, whether you were a client or a good friend or something more.Everything I've been through I've done to be who I wanted to be, and I've made mistakes along the way, but no matter how painful it gets, I want to be strong to get through it and make it better.

Updated March 4, 2024


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Mhi folksThese last few months have not been very good, Lately, I've been feeling uninspired and stressed due to various personal circumstances, which has made it difficult for me to focus on my projects. As a result, I've decided to limit the number of commission slots I open for the time being, as I need to take a breather to recharge my creative energy.Unfortunately, I've recently had to switch my PayPal account, which has made some of my savings temporarily unavailable. This has put me in a tough spot, as I need those funds to pay for rent in the coming months.If you could help support me by sharing my art and spreading the word about my work, it would mean the world to me. Additionally, if you're interested in commissioning me, I'm available for hire and would be happy to create a piece of art just for you.If you really enjoy my work and want to support me on an ongoing basis, please consider becoming a Patreon subscriber and suporting my Twitch channel!Thank you in advance for your support and understanding.
I appreciate each and every one of you 💙

Update from March 30, 2023


For several months I have been thinking about creating a new image for myself and my art, with the purpose of feeling more comfortable with it and to represent a new way of seeing myself.Treska has accompanied me for 4 long years with many difficult moments and as time went by I changed along with him... but I no longer feel I am that Treska. What I still keep from him is his hope, his longings and his passions.From now on, it will be a pleasure to make myself known to you and my species with the new me.The new me is a feral dragon now.

Update from February 10, 2022

Safe place...

Hello everyoneIt has been a long time since my last update here, but I wanted to tell you all that my personal situation and my moving-out scheme has gone well!From now on I will resume all my activities in regards to commissions and requests, aswell as announcing who are the winners of my last raffleDeeply apologising to those who were waiting, but it took much more time than expected…But since now I want to thank you all for the patience every single one of you had! From here onwards I’ll give my best to you all, thanks to my new home ♡

Special thanks to:
Rechiigu - Kisuki - Doroki
Kiba - Lesio - Shiro - Phylos - Aglo - Surey - Ervo - Iriust - Kiumi - Genbreadd - Eros - Choco - Bailang - Mateo - Byte - Ari - Redux - Reg - Leylond - Blue - Rhodie - Troy - Katsu

Update from October 8, 2021

I'm moving!

Heya folks! First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has helped, shared and contributed to my progress and made me able to move out on my own thanks to commissions 💖Just about a couple weeks ago I saved up the necessary amount in order for me to move out. These last days I’ve been managing a lot of paperwork on my hands to live in a new flat and have the certainty to announce this, but the only thing left now is to put all my stuff in boxes and begin this new phase in my life!Commissions will remain open, but their progress will be delayed until I’m settled in my new apartmentI am truly thankful for all the support and patience I’ve received since my first update on the matter, since this will only be the beginning of a new Treska ♡

Update from August 4, 2021

I'm saving for moving out...

This has been a quite complicated phase for me where I currently live; The atmosphere at my home is not the best and it has been decided that I will have to move out, alone.As of date, commissions are my only source of income and I have been planning on moving as soon as I get enough of what I need.From the 28th of June onwards my commissions will be open. I will need to save up to 700$ as soon as possible to take the first step.Every commission is greatly appreciated. However, if you can't afford it, sharing my art is of great help to achieve my goal. Special thanks to those who have been supporting me from the beginning and eternally greatful to those who desire to help

Update from june 28, 2021

Thank you... mom

• 2.06.21 •

You have been that woman who has given me the courage that has always motivated me, you never stayed behind, you always tried to do the impossible to see us happy, strongYou taught me how important it is to be sincere, to value myself, to be able to choose which path to takeI know I can't do anything for hug you again... but I will try to do my best so that your effort won't be in vain; your courage will always be part of me, in the deepest part of my core you'll always remain, alwaysYou have been the best lioness I could ever have, I am grateful to have been born on your arms, to have grown holding your hand and to have allowed me to dream on your shelter.

Update from June 4, 2021

First steps

It is my first time
opening commissions so
I will try to do
the best and learn
as much as I can ♡

Special thanks to:
Rechiigu - Kiba - ChewingSocks
JustRyan - Dietfursoda- Valentin - Firesnow - Fantasietraum - Badgeranium - ShedX80 - Axolizcuintli - Notadrago - Nach06 - Smashu - DoeBoiii - FurrFoxKeek - Ryukashi - ThomasTheShark - DrayxArt

Update from August, 2020

Past events


To compensate my absence these days due to my moving out, and to demonstrate my gratitude for all the support I’ve receieved, I’ll be doing a raffleThe prize for the winner will be a waist-up

Everyone is free to participate, from long-time follower to recent visitor who wants a chance to obtain a drawing made by me!Good luck to all and I hope you enjoy participating🌱

Raffle ended
August 20th, 5 pm (GTM -3)


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Grawr~ Kori on live?

Mhoi mhoi! I'm delighted to share some thrilling news with you! I've recently commenced my journey as a Twitch streamer, fulfilling a long-standing aspiration of mine.For quite some time, I have nurtured a passion for art and an undying flame of enthusiasm within me. Now, I have the wonderful opportunity to channel these passions through my streams. Prepare to witness a captivating fusion of art, music, and all things inspired by majestic dragons. I hope to keep you engaged and perhaps bring a smile to your face with the occasional dragon-like roar, gwr gwr~.I must acknowledge that while my English skills might not be impeccable, I am determined, akin to a diligent dragon, to continually refine and enhance my abilities. 🌱Having obtained the esteemed status of Twitch affiliate since February 9th, 2022, I am eager to embark on this new path with vigor. I have numerous exciting plans in the works, including the addition of more emotes and an unwavering commitment to creating captivating content to share with all of you, my valued supporters.If you are seeking a welcoming and congenial community, a place where you can witness the artistic process unfold while connecting with fellow dragon enthusiasts, I extend an invitation to join me on this adventurous journey as a dragon streamer. Together, we shall endeavor to conquer the realm of streaming!Thank you for your kind attention, and I eagerly anticipate the pleasure of welcoming you to my fiery lair in the near future! 💙🐲💙

Remember that typing or subscribing is not mandatory, but even so, if you do it you will support a lot the channel and the dragon that will always be behind these things trying to improve 💙

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Keep in mind, my patreon may change sporadically depending on how I feel about the platform, remember that it is to support my content more than to receive rewards, so please understand any delay in the delivery of benefits 💙

One of my wishes as an artist is to have patrons who support me━━━━━━━━ ⇜ ━━━━━━━━I would like to be able to have a balance between working and living, having projects and wanting to do a lot of things for the dragon and furry community, but money tends to be something that slows it down or freezes it...By supporting me, you help me to make this possible and words will not be enough for how grateful I will be.

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About the patreon

I'm excited to share that I've launched my very own Patreon page! After much consideration, I've decided to take this step to pursue my passion and my career as a freelancer with more stability and support from my community.The main goal of this page is to bring people closer to my content and have the resources to create, progress, and finish the projects that have always been close to my heart. With your help, I can take my art to new heights and bring more enchanting worlds and creatures to life.Additionally, your support also means more personal feedback and collaboration on the development of my content. Together, we can create something truly special and unique.So, if you're looking to support a young dragon artist and be a part of their creative journey, I invite you to join my Patreon community today! 🎨🔥🐉

How it works?

By joining my Patreon community, you'll have access to a range of exclusive benefits and perks depending on the tier you choose. This includes access to my Discord server where you can connect with other art lovers, participate in exclusive patron polls, and receive perks such as .PSD and .PNG HQ files of my artwork.Additionally, as a founding supporter, you'll receive special recognition and shoutouts for your support of my art and career as a freelancer, as well as appearing at the end of the credits of my streams, having a role on my discord server and more.If you're new to Patreon, it's a platform where you can support your favorite creators and artists by becoming a patron and subscribing to their content on a monthly basis!Keep in mind, everything is SFW and this is the first time I open a Patreon, so please understand any delay between rewards or posts.


On my Patreon page, I have outlined some exciting goals that I hope to achieve with your support. Each completed goal will give me more time to create and offer exclusive benefits for my patrons.*Some of the unlockable projects that I have in mind include:*- More SFW artworks will be done per month: I will be able to create more safe-for-work artworks and share them with you every month.- Illustrate comics: I will start creating comics with original stories and characters, and you will be able to access them exclusively on Patreon.- Make animations: I will create animated shorts featuring my original characters and designs, which you will be able to watch before anyone else.- 3D Stuff: I will start experimenting with 3D modeling and design, and share my progress and designs with you exclusively on Patreon.- Start creating tutorials to help other artists: I will start creating tutorials and behind-the-scenes content about my art process, and share my knowledge with other artists who want to improve their skills.Additionally, as we hit certain milestones, I may even make my NSFW art public for all to enjoy.Head over to my Patreon page to learn more about these goals and how you can help me bring them to life!




Cell splash


Fully customized 4K cell shading artwork of a character with a background.


+ 25%

If you want to contact me for an order of this type, you must do it through my Twitter @GlaredEndriago.
Doubts and details will only be answered there.
Ask for availability, +18 only.



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Addons & Extras

  • Changing to Feral is a free addon. New!

  • monocolor / gradient background are free.

  • each extra character is +70% added to base price.

  • Private commission is +100% added to base price.

  • OUTFITS and ACCESORIES starts at +25%.

  • Enviromental Backgrounds will increase the final price by +70%. New!

  • NSFW. I don't do nsfw

  • Artistic freedom will be acepted!

My prices are non-negotiable, if you can't afford a commission, consider choosing another tier.

i will draw!

  • ✓ Cutesy or serious art;

  • ✓ Furry / Anthro animals;

  • ✓ Any species, gender and body shape;

  • ✓ Ferals (Only fantasy) New!

  • ✓ Simple mechas;

  • ✓ Fanart and OCs;

  • ✓ Soft / Candy gore;

  • ✓ Backgrounds; New!

  • Trying new things

i'm learning

  • > Having an own style;

  • > Feral anatomy;

  • > Human anatomy;

  • > 2D animation;

  • > Character design;

  • > Backgrounds;

  • > Perspective;

  • > Coloring styles;

  • > Improve in all things that I can draw

i won't draw

  • ✗ Humans / Humanoids;

  • ✗ Taurs;

  • ✗ Exaggerated anatomy;

  • ✗ Complex mecha;

  • ✗ Vore;

  • ✗ Hard gore;

  • ✗ NSFW;

  • ✗ Offensive and political content;

  • Anything that makes me feel uncomfortable

Ask for a slot!



Join my discord server!
Here you can get closer updates, help and pings about future openings!💙

Precio de


+$50.000 Ars

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$35.000 Ars

Adición & Extras

  • Cambiar a Feral es un addon gratuito. ¡Nuevo!

  • monocolor / fondo degradado son gratis.

  • Cada carácter extra es +50% añadido al precio base.

  • Comisión privada es +100% añadido al precio base.

  • Trajes y accesorios a partir de +25%.

  • Fondos Ambientales aumentará el precio final un +50%. **¡Nuevo!**

  • NSFW. No hago nsfw

  • La libertad artística será aceptada.

Mis precios no son negociables, si no puedes pagar una comisión, considera elegir otro nivel!


  • ✓ Arte serio o tierno;

  • ✓ Furry / Animales anthro;

  • ✓ Cualquier especie, genero y forma de cuerpo;

  • ✓ Ferales (Fantasia); New!

  • ✓ Mechas simples;

  • ✓ Fanart y OCs;

  • ✓ Gore simple / candy;

  • ✓ Fondos; New!

  • Intentar cosas nuevas!;


  • > Tener un estilo propio;

  • > Anatomia feral;

  • > Anatomia humana;

  • > Animacion 2D;

  • > Diseño de personajes;

  • > Paisajes;

  • > Perspectiva;

  • > Estilos de coloreado;

  • > Mejorar en todo lo que puedo dibujar.


  • ✗ Humanos / Humanoides;

  • ✗ Tauros;

  • ✗ Bara / Anatomia exagerada;

  • ✗ Mecha complejo;

  • ✗ Vore;

  • ✗ Gore abrupto;

  • ✗ NSFW;

  • ✗ Contenido ofensivo y/o politico;

  • Cualquier cosa que me haga sentir incomodo.

Consulta por un slot!



¡Únete a mi servidor de Discord!
Aquí podrás obtener actualizaciones más cercanas, ayuda y pings sobre futuras aperturas!💙

About... me

I'm a student and artist in Argentina who is known as ColdMarine or KoriDwagon.My history as an artist has started in mid-2014 when I was drawing a lot of pokemon and fantasy stuff as a hobby. Over the years I decided to take this hobby a bit more seriously, so at the beginning of 2017, I started to learn a lot about drawing and illustration on my own, being part of the artist community to try to grow in it, along with what became a great passion for me nowadays.Doodling lines on a blank paper and learning things has always helped me to overcome many difficult moments, express feelings and enjoy drawing the things I have always liked.From August 2021 without warning my hobby had to become a job and I started living alone on my own thanks to commissions.

I've always had this aspiration to make a living from drawing when I saw my favourite artists making it.
From my side, the process is a little difficult even though I am considerably a smaller artist, a little more to the luck of having a client between what I give to know me.
My goal is to be able to inspire others, to make a mark here... and to have a peaceful life in the future, illustrating and doing things I have always dreamed to do.But even so, I always try to give my best and prove that I can make a place for myself, my clients and my friends in this field.

My Essence

My actual feralsona is a furred glowing dragon called KoriKori is phlegmatic, he has a facility for prevailing serenity in stressful situations, tends to seek out quiet and peaceful places to rest his soul of the external. He also loves nature and everything related to living creatures, thus having a great appreciation for life as well as for death itself.He is not really a very talkative dragon, but he is very knowledgeable about what he is interested in and learns in his careful privacy, so it is very easy to get his attention if you show something of particular interest to him.Speaking of interests, he loves everything related to plants, soft-touch things, creatures, ancient writings and shiny objects, specifically crystals and gems. If he can, he will treasure and guard with great care what is of value to him both materially and sentimentally, thus being very possessive and loyal to what is his.Although he exudes a warm and loving charisma, he doesn't like physical contact or spontaneous displays of affection, but if it's with the right person and with whom he feels comfortable, he shows a side that is difficult to reveal even for him. Naturally he tends to be somewhat silly, but with good feelings.


Kori was born and grew up for a long time in a dense forest around where oblivion or the edge of that world is said to be. Encircled by imminent dangers in that cradle of overflowing nature and withered fauna, that egg from where that blue dragon would hatch was with so fortune he owned, beloved for much of his childhood under the firm warm paws of.... a feline figure.The challenges of his environment were always scary for anyone with his capabilities, creatures who also had a story to tell, something to say among that renegade portion of the world in which they coexisted, where anyone who pretended of looking up is a risk.Although... those who supported his progress were always happy to see that little fluffy body gain shape, to witness those bright feathers that could only be seen once, glad to give a little hope to that winged creature that always tried to decorate with plants the houses of those close to him and eventually to color with shades of berries the fallen leaves of the big trees. There were a few months left for that dragon to grow its last pair of shiny feathers, which would be the first step towards its independence.One night, he wakes up. His body feels as if he had slept for days without interruption, as if he were hibernating in... spring. When he looks up slightly, notices some small feathers with a gentle glow that have been plucked from his body, without knowing who or what has done it. Feeling a cloudy consciousness and a sense of pain he tries to look around only to realize how his house is on fire. That glade where he lived was tinged with scarlet tones, due to that fire, that blood on those corpses...Little does he remember what happened before the tragedy, he can hardly forget hearing those whispers of famine approaching in the distance while he tries to regain the strength to get to safety on that day after having walked away from what used to be his home.
Sheltered, he lives under a waterfall surrounded by plateaus near a humble village and a lake from which he currently passes his days, keeping those words that feline figure once attempted to cheer him up. "Breathe deeply... calmly you will succeed".

Kori art

My art summarys

My tools specs


  • AMD Ryzen™ 7 5700G

  • Zotac GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 8GB GDDR6X Trinity

  • Patriot Viper Steel 2x8GB 3600MHz

  • Asus Prime B450M-A II

  • Case DeepCool MACUBE 110 WH Micro-ATX

VR Setup (Hybrid)

  • HTC Vive Og 2016

  • HTC Vive Trackers 3.0 x3


  • Graphic Tablet Xp-Pen Deco 01 V2

  • 1st Monitor: BenQ 24' IPS sRGB (1920 x 1080)

  • 2nd Monitor: Lenovo ThinkVision 21' VA (1920 x 1080)

  • Mic Trust Gxt 258 “Fyru”

  • Headset Logitech G733